Can't Run Away from Love
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Though a university graduate, Nodakura Naho (Mayuu Yokota) has yet to turn her dreams of becoming an everyday office worker into reality. With her bills piling up and no sign of permanent employment in sight, Nodakura has no choice but to take a part-time job. But finding even a part-time job is easier said than done. Whether led by fate or chance, Nodakura finds herself accepting a position at a design company whose president, Sakisaka Takumi (Shirasu Jin), is quite the character. Despite his frivolous outward nature, Sakisaka is actually a highly accomplished designer who has more than a few prestigious awards to his name. Having seen both sides of her new boss, Nodakura can’t decide how she feels about him, or her new job. Despite how she feels about her boss, Nodakura is determined to make her dreams of full-time employment come true. Working hard, Nodakura inadvertently catches Sakisaka’s eye. Giving his new hire an increasing amount of attention, it’s only a matter of time before sparks start to fly. But will these sparks lead to a passionate flame or a total burnout? Adapted from the manga, “Anyway, I Won’t Run Away” by Kazumi Kazui, “Can’t Run Away From Love” is a 2021 romantic comedy drama directed by Yo Kawahara.