Coffee Melody
Available on Viki
As a composer, Duan Yi (Panupun Vongjorn) has made quite a name for himself. Often approached by companies with projects they hope he’ll take on, he has no shortage of work and with each project he completes, his fame only grows. With talent like his, the music never seems to stop, so when he’s asked to take on a new project composing a love song, he has no problems saying yes. However, as soon as he sits down to start writing, he finds himself drawing a total blank. Completely uninspired by anything or anyone around him, Duan Yi can’t find the muse he needs to write a song about love. Discouraged by this sudden lack of inspiration, soon finds himself losing all passion for his work. With no idea how he’s going to write this or any song, Duan Yi decides to take a bit of a break. Of course only after he’s completely given up on the song does he find the inspiration he’s been looking for, and his name is Pleng Ruk (Naret Promphaopun). A handsome barista at one of the local coffee shops, Pleng Ruk inspires Duan Yi in ways he’s never been inspired before.  With a new song welling in his heart, Duan Yi returns to his work, ready to compose a masterpiece. But will his new muse prove to be the inspiration he needed or more of an unwanted distraction? A story as sweet as that first sip of morning coffee, “Coffee Melody” is a 2022 Viki Original Thai romance drama.