Color of Romance
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For the most part, Anzu Kawakami (Makoto Okunaka) was a pretty average woman. She had her own place, a good job, and thanks to her best friend, Yuka Negishi (Yuka Suzuki), a pretty active social life. Overall, there was nothing about Anzu or her life, that would mark her as extraordinary, however, she did have her moments; and one of those moments was about to make her life a whole lot more difficult.   Having been invited by Yuka to a drinking party, Anzu couldn’t find a reason to say no. Happy to enjoy a chance to relax and have a little fun, Anzu and Yuka let loose, drinking quite a bit more than either had originally intended. Drunk to the point of being sick, Anzu tried to avoid making a spectacle of herself, but the alcohol in her system refused to cooperate. Mortified, Anzu tried to leave the party as quickly and quietly as possible; but her drunken escapade was noticed by one of the most handsome men at the party: Tetsuya Kuroda (Takumi Kizu). Painfully aware of last night’s misadventures when she walked into work the next morning, coming face-to-face with Tetsuya assures Anzu that a roaring hangover is only the first of her problems.   One of the company’s newest hires, Tetsuya remembers everything about Anzu and the party. Mortified by his sudden reappearance, Anzu would like nothing more than to melt into the floor, but fate refuses to allow such an easy escape. Forced to work alongside one of the most handsome men she has ever met, will Anzu ever be able to live down the most embarrassing moments of her adult life? Adapted from the manga “Peach Color, Apricot Color, Sakura Color” by Saki, “Color of Romance” is a 2021 Japanese office romance drama directed by Sakemi Akimori and Miyashita Naoyuki.