Curvy Brides
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Shopping for a wedding dress was an experience that Yukia Walker might like to forget, but she couldn't, and it ultimately changed her life. Because options were limited in her size, Yukia was forced to buy a gown that wasn't a comfortable fit, and it became clear to her that the bridal market was underserving customers. Soon after she and her sister Yuneisia opened Curvaceous Couture, a first-of-its-kind salon specialising in designer gowns to fit all body types. At their Maryland-based boutique - and as seen in this TLC series - Yukia and Yuneisia help women of every shape experience their dream of finding the perfect wedding dress. Using humour, passion and a lighthearted spirit, the sisters offer an inspirational reminder to women that you don't have to be a size 2 to look beautiful on your big day.