Devious Maids
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In Beverly Hills, whoever `has the dirt' holds the power. In some of the city's wealthiest families, that power belongs to a close-knit group of maids who have ambition and dreams of their own. The maids are brought together by their jobs, life struggles and the upstairs-downstairs universe of their employers. Rosie, who left Mexico after her husband's death, works for a pair of self-absorbed actors; aspiring singer Carmen hopes that her pop-star employer can help get her career off the ground, but her boss, Odessa, will do whatever it takes to stand in her way; and Zoila works beside her teenage daughter, Valentina, for an emotionally unstable woman. The maids - along with newcomer Marisol - turn to one another for support when fellow maid Flora is murdered in her employers' home. Then a loved one gets wrapped up in the murder, and Marisol searches for the truth.