Discovery of Romance
Available on Viki, Prime Video
Xia Tian (Wu Qian) is a successful furniture designer. Now in her 30s, she feels that she is settled and content, and to all outside observers, she appears to have it all, including a devoted cosmetic surgeon boyfriend named Guan Xin (Yang Bing Zhuo) who hangs on her every word. Life is rosy and peaceful...until she bumps into her ex-boyfriend! This man, the head of a design company and is named Xu Ze Hao (Qin Jun Jie), turns out to be a real bother. He claims that he s still in love with her and begins to pester her to get back together. She is frustrated with his persistence and initially just wishes he would go away. But his devotion to her appears to be true, and she begins to wonder if just maybe this man might be worth a second chance – if only he weren’t so annoying! But could her hand be forced when her doting boyfriend suddenly meets a woman from his distant past? Can love strike twice for these people? Or, when it comes to romance, is it better to let bygones be bygones? This drama was based on a 2014 South Korean drama series of the same name. “Discovery of Romance” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Yu Chung Chung.