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The people employed by Todd Ray don't mind being called `freaks'. In fact, they might even take it as a compliment. That's because `freak', according to Ray, means the most special, the unique, the magical creatures of the universe. And Ray looks all over the world for such creatures to add to his business, the Venice Beach Freakshow, a carnie-style attraction with an attached museum of strange, wondrous oddities. This reality series follows Ray, his wife, Danielle, and their two kids, Asia and Phoenix, as they operate the Freakshow on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, Calif. The Rays also open their home to their employees, who include Brianna Belladonna (`The Indestructible Woman'); body-modification artist Marcus `The Creature'; Morgue, who specializes in `shock' performances; and Murrugun `The Mystic', a veteran sideshow star known for sword-swallowing and human pincushion acts.
Starring Todd Ray