Curse of Superstitious Mountains
For decades, prospectors have headed to the Superstition Mountains - which stretch across 160,000 acres of the Arizona desert - in search of gold that legends claim is contained in mines at the location. Stories of the buried treasure date back to conquistadors in the 1500s, but the most famous legend involves a Dutch prospector who claimed to have found an untapped mine in the 1860s and left cryptic riddles about the location of the treasure. Since then, thousands have trekked to the mountain hoping to find the gold, but no one has succeeded and some have perished trying. New evidence brings five men to the Superstition Mountains hoping to overcome the curse and unearth the treasure. The men are led by Wayne, who has made it his life's work to uncover the truth surrounding the century-old mystery. His team includes retired police detective Frank, expert prospector Woody, geologist Eric and `Deal', who has had success prospecting in California.