Growing Up Supermodel
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It's not easy to succeed in the modeling industry -- even if you have a famous last name, as is the case for the models featured on this show. They are all the sons and daughters of celebrities, but they come to find out that having the right DNA is only half the battle in the competitive world of modeling. Making it to the top of the field is hard work and being part of a famous family may add to the difficulty. Having a recognizable surname is a double-edged sword that generates opportunities for the offspring but also creates expectations that may be hard to reach. For the parents, they discover that being a star is easier than raising one. This docuseries follows the family dynamics and unpredictable careers of the modeling hopefuls, whose parents include actress Shanna Moakler and boxer Oscar De La Hoya, actress Kelly LeBrock and actor Steven Seagal, and supermodel Beverly Peele.