Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon
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In 3rd-century China, the Three Kingdoms period has dawned and Sima Yi (Wu Xiu Bo) is a trusted advisor to the Cao Wei ruler Cao Pi (Li Chen). Sima Yi is also married to the ever-smart Zhang Chun Hua (Liu Tao). However, all is not peaceful in the land. Rival states Shu Han and Eastern Wu are plotting war, and when Cao Pi dies, his son succeeds to the throne – and turns to Sima Yi for help. When the new emperor falls critically ill, he is forced to announce his young adopted son as heir. As the emperor's condition deteriorates, he appoints Sima Yi and strong-minded general Cao Shuang (Du Yi Heng) as joint regents of the Cao Wei state. But the two men have opposing ideas for how the land should be governed, and their differences soon become irreconcilable. With the future of the Cao Dynasty – and the realm itself – at stake, who will prove victorious in the ensuing power struggle? And can Sima Yi sow the seeds for a yet more powerful dynasty to one day take the throne? This drama is based on real-life events from the life of Sima Yi, who lived from 179 to 251 AD. It is also known as “Sima Yi: Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon,” and is the sequel to a series entitled “The Advisors Alliance.”It is also known as “Sima Yi: Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon,” and the first part of the series was entitled “The Advisors Alliance.” “Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon” is a 2017 Chinese drama directed by Zhang Yong Xin.