Little Women: Dallas
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Maybe everything isn't bigger in Texas after all. Even though these Dallas ladies may be diminutive in stature, there is still plenty of drama to be found in their lives as the `Little Women' franchise makes its mark on the Lone Star State. `Little Women: Atlanta' stars Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup are now living in Dallas, with Fernandez choosing to be closer to her family after losing her son and Barlup following her to be with her BFF. Other ladies getting in on the action in the Big D include cosplay performer and social-media darling Asta Young, who works at a popular bar with her husband; competitive bodybuilder Amanda Loy, who struggles with personal demons; cheerleader Tiffani Chance, who is close to settling down with her high school sweetheart; and go-go dancer Caylea Woodbury, who works under the name `Lil' Twerk'.