Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
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This 1999 BBC documentary is another in the long line of Michael Palin travelogues. He turns his wandering eye to the life and locales of Ernest Hemingway, visiting the places that meant so much to the adventure-loving author. The four, hour-long episodes begin in Spain, where Palin recounts Hemingway's passion for bullfighting rituals by attending the famous bull run in Pamplona. In Chicago, Palin follows the trail from the house where Hemingway was born to the family's summer cottage in Michigan, and Palin visits Cuba to experience the charms of Havana that captivated Hemingway for 20 years. Africa (Hemingway loved safaris), Florida's Key West and Ketchum, Idaho - to the site of Hemingway's last home - are also on the series' itinerary.
Starring Michael Palin