My Little Boys: The Time Capsules
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Life with children is never boring. Each day, parents are faced with countless challenges as they struggle to navigate the tricky waters of child-raising. It’s a task that demands their attention every second of every day, and no two children are raised alike. So how do parents manage? And what sort of relationship forms between a parent and child as the years pass? In an effort to answer these questions, director Shen Kenshang sits down with the famed director Wu Nien Jeng, television host Sam Tseng, and a handful of other celebrities, as well as their children, asking them to share their experiences, growing together as parent and child. Taking a look at their relationship from both angles, we begin to understand the hopes and dreams, struggles and challenges of parents and children alike.  Delving deep into the mysteries of the parent-child relationship it becomes abundantly clear that despite their differences, parents and children share a bond like no other. But how does this bond change over time? Inspired by the 2018 animated series, “My Little Boys”, “My Little Boys: The Time Capsules” is a 2021 documentary directed by Shen Kenshang.