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Saying goodbye to her twenties, thirty-year-old Go Sa Ri (Yoon So Hee) welcomes this new decade of her life with open arms. Leaving behind the tangled mess of her twenties, Sa Ri is ready to make a fresh start. But walking away from the past is proving more difficult than she ever imagined.  Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Sa Ri was hopeful she had left that part of her life in the past. But when he makes an unexpected return, things get complicated. As if dealing with her ex wasn’t confusing enough, Sa Ri begins to realize that one of her oldest friends, Pi Jung Won (Choi Won Myung), has started to develop feelings for her. As she attempts to sort out her own feelings for the talented artist, Sa Ri finds herself frequently crossing paths with Ki Sun Jae (Joo Woo Jae), the handsome and friendly CEO of the company where she works. Though it’s not always easy to tell what Sun Jae is thinking, there are times when a single look from him is enough to make her confused heart flutter. To make matters worse, Sa Ri finds that she has inadvertently captured the attention of Yeon Ha Rim (Kim Hyun Jin). Despite the fact that he’s several years younger than her, he has no qualms about expressing his feelings. Inadvertently drawing the attention of four different men, Sa Ri finds herself completely unsure of what to do next. How can she find a way to move forward when every path seems blocked by a complicated mess of feelings? A story of life, love, and moving forward, “Peng” is a 2021 Viki Original romantic drama directed by Baek Min Hee.