She is the One
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Posing as her sister to cover for her sibling’s mistake several years ago, Yuan Yue Yue (Li Nuo) has agreed to marry an ultra-rich business heir named Wen Jin Chen (Pei Zi Tian), a man she has never met at the request of her family. But the wedding day gets off to a woeful start. And when she arrives at the wedding venue, she is horrified to discover that the only pictures out on display are photos of her. She is already getting cold feet, but to make matters worse, Wen Jin Chen has been delayed by a meeting at work, leaving Yuan Yue Yue waiting at the altar. She suddenly decides to make a run for it, evading everyone who tries to stop her. A car pulls up and she pulls the driver out and makes her escape – unaware that the vehicle is actually carrying Wen Jin Chen in the passenger seat. When she realizes, she stops the car and they get out. He threatens to turn her in to the police and while she pleads for mercy, still unaware of who he is. But when a real car thief steals the car, Yuan Yue Yue dons a pair of sneakers and chases him down – leaving Wen Jin Chen in awe. The pair resolves to meet again and pressures to marry start to mount again – but could these inauspicious beginnings lead to a real romance, even after they discover one another’s real identities? “She Is the One” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Shi Yi.