The Heart Painter
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The top student of the Hua Xin Shi sect, Cen Huan (Zhu Xu Dan) is well versed in the intellectual traditions of her people. As an adherent of Hua Xin Shi, Huan believes that the pure sentiments of people who have learned to let go of their unhealthy obsessions can be collected and used for good. With her Painting Heart skills, Huan is able to help people rid themselves of the “bad souls” that often make life difficult and help them find a better way to live. Though her sect only wishes to do good in the world, there are those who disagree with the ways of the Hua Xin Shi. When one such group attacks her people, Huan is forced to flee, barely escaping with her life. On the brink of death, Huan is rescued by a local doctor, Ning Wei Yu (Dylan Xiong) and his assistant, Sima Kong Kong (Li Jun Chen). Grateful to the men for saving her life, Huan agrees to join her new friends on their quest to help those who need their skills most. During their travels, they meet the well-respected lady, Lu Xiao Man (Bao Tian Qi) and Jiu Si (Sun Bo Hao), a man driven by strong convictions. Together the five continue their good work, but their path is difficult and they soon realize they’re fighting against more than just people’s worries and obsessions. With an evil growing in the world, the five friends begin to unravel the mysteries of the Yang Xin Shi, a sect who thrives on collecting the impure thoughts of people consumed by their own insecurities.  As the friends dig deeper into the Yang Xing Shi mystery, they find themselves coming face to face with a pair of evil spirits who would keep humanity ensnared in a dream world forever. In order to save the world, the friends must be willing to risk everything, but will their efforts be enough to free humanity from the clutches of such vile monsters? An epic tale of good versus evil, “The Heart Painter” is a 2017 fantasy wuxia drama directed by Lin Jianlong.