The Legendary Life of Queen Lau
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Liu Jin Feng (Jackie Li) has lived a rough life. She and her mother were abandoned by her father and she grew up in a small side alley in a busy city. She is streetwise, full of common sense, and tough, but lacks etiquette and is somewhat overweight. As such, she is the very antithesis of what most people at court would consider to be a good queen. But a quirk of fate leads Liu Jin Feng to the Imperial palace, where she is instructed to marry the cold and distant King, Duan Yun Zhang (Li Hong Yi). Having not been brought up in the court, she has no idea about how to conduct herself around nobility. Her relatively uncouth manners and unconventional appearance doesn’t win her many friends among the women of the court. And her grand ambitions of reforming the palace also alienate many of the scheming men at court, who want to try to rule the country by stealth. But Liu Jin Feng is determined to make the marriage work – even if it means she must do her utmost to win the heart of her new husband! “The Legendary Life of Queen Lau” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Xu Hui Kang.