The Prince Who Turns into a Frog
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Having grown up in Chuen Chiva, Lookpat (Wannarot Sonthichai) is well aware that the people of her hometown are entirely dependent on the local resort for their livelihood. So when things at the resort begin to take a downward turn, Lookpat comes up with an ingenious plan to save them all. Making up a story about a frog ghost living in Chuen Chiva, Lookpat spreads the story everywhere she goes, until it eventually becomes a part of local legend. Intrigued by this frog legend, people come to visit from far and wide, though it would seem some have motives more sinister than others. A cold-hearted businessman, Kin (Yuke Songpaisan) is one of many, drawn to Chuen Chiva by the legend of the frog; but his intentions are far from innocent. With plans to turn the small community into a high-end luxury resort, Kin sets out to expose the legend for what it really is: a scam and a hoax. Unfortunately for him, an unexpected accident leaves him stranded in Chuen Chiva with no memories whatsoever. Feeling sorry for the amnesiac man stranded her in hometown, Lookpat takes him in and happily nurses him back to health. As the two draw closer, feelings between them naturally begin to develop but their happiness is woefully short-lived.  With his memories suddenly returned, Kin’s anger, over what he believes to be Lookpat’s lies, knows no bounds. Determined to take away everything Lookpat holds dear, Kin sets out to do just that. Will Lookpat be able to appease Kin’s wrath and save her people before it’s too late? Adapted from the original Taiwanese drama of the same name, “The Prince Who Turns into a Frog” is a 2021 romantic comedy drama directed by Peerapol Kirdjareun.