Unchained Love
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Six years ago, Xiao Duo (Dylan Wang)’s brother was murdered in the streets of the capital. Since that day, Xiao Duo has vowed revenge on those responsible for the killings. His journey has taken him to the very pinnacle of power: He is now the head of the Zhao Ding Division – and has become the Emperor’s right hand man. But revenge – and not power – is what motivates him, and he will not rest until those responsible for his brother’s demise are dead. This has led him to conspire with the weak-willed Fu Wang (Peter Ho). The two men have forged an alliance that allows Fu Wang to sit on the Imperial throne for the time being, even though a plotting Empress hopes to seize power through her own plans. By rights, the former Emperor’s concubine, a young woman named Bu Yun Lou (Chen Yu Qi), should have been killed and buried along with the former Emperor. But Fu Wang likes her and secretly arranges for her to be spared. He asks Xiao Duo to take care of Bu Yun Lou for the time being. But Xiao Duo senses that he can use this to his own advantage and devises a way to use the former concubine to help him take revenge. But fate intervenes when he begins to find himself drawn to this remarkable young woman. Could love really conquer his thirst for vengeance? “Unchained Love” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Wu Qiang.