Unexpected Heroes
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What would you do if you acquired superpowers after an organ transplant? When a person is murdered, three high school students receive organ donations. But something unexpected happens. Min Soo Ho (Choi Jong Hun) develops super strength after a human tissue transplant. Bae Yoon Young (Lee Minhyuk) can read women’s minds after getting a heart transplant. Lee Yoon Ji (Kim So Hye) foresees events before they happen after getting a cornea transplant. Noh Deul Hee (Park Ha Na) is the cheerful organ transplant coordinator responsible for these high school students and their unexpected abilities. The three students also start to see the donor’s murder that ended up saving their lives. But can they bring the murderer to justice before it’s too late? “Unexpected Heroes” is a 2017 South Korean web drama directed by Kim Jin Hwan.