Mzima – Haunt of the Riverhorse
An Emmy® and Peabody award winning film from Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, narrated by Ian Holm. Venture beneath the clear waters of an African spring to experience the hidden, and often violent, underwater lives of crocodiles, hippos and giant pythons, as they battle for supremacy in crystal clear springs. In order to capture the most dramatic and revelatory underwater footage ever seen of the two most dangerous animals in Africa, the filmmakers developed new filming techniques and used the latest diving technology to get their cameras into the mouths of hippos and crocodiles. They reveal startling images of how crocodiles feed underwater and how hippos have their tongues cleaned by fish. The story centres on the extraordinary relationships the hippos have developed with all the springs creatures and ends with the infanticide of a baby hippo that had been born in the pool - the most dramatic and poignant sequence that this award-winning team have witnessed in twenty years of filming.
Starring Ian Holm
Director Mark Deeble, Victoria Stone