Heather Hogan

As a child growing up in Long Beach, California, Heather Hogan would get brought along to her older brother's acting auditions. She too became interested in acting, and by age five had booked her first gig. Her interest in acting grew as she proceeded to appear in local theater productions, and in her teen years she attended the prestigious Orange County High School of the Arts, where she studied acting, music, and dance. In 1994, following the terrible murder of child actress Judith Barsi, Hogan took over as the voice of Ducky the baby dinosaur in "The Land Before Time" family animation franchise, about cute dinosaurs on various adventures. From 1994 to 1996, she played the character in three straight-to-video productions. In 2002, she got her first television credit, appearing in the sitcom "8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter." In her first film role, she appeared as a teenage girl shopping for sexy clothes to seduce her teacher, in Adam Rifkin's 2007 low-budget film "Look," which consisted of a series of different stories lines all shot from surveillance cameras. In addition to her film and TV work, Hogan has lent her voice to multiple video games as well, including "Tales of Symphonia," "Rogue Galaxy," and "The World Ends with You."