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Laurence Hunt was murdered at his Long Island beach house in 1945. His body was never found. In 2016, Carver Mendez and his boyfriend Graham, Laurence's great- nephew, take a final trip to the cottage before Graham's family puts it up for sale. Though charming at first, the cottage soon reveals a darker side and after one particularly harrowing night, Carver comes to believe he’s unintentionally summoned Laurence’s ghost. At the same time, Graham begins to suffer from increasingly severe headaches which Carver fears are the result of the spirit’s malevolent influence. As he digs deeper into the mystery of Laurence’s death, Carver meets Edgar Dodona, a medium. With Dodona's encouragement, Carver attempts to "contact" the spirit of Laurence, and in the process winds up estranged from Graham, a resolute skeptic. Regardless, Carver determines he must confront Laurence’s spirit in order to save Graham’s life. As the story unfolds, surprising connections between Carver, Graham and the past are revealed and both come to realize their bond is stronger than either had thought.
Starring Javier Perez, Max Rosenak, Connor Moore
Director Stephen Kellam, Richard D. Endacott