Grazers: A Cooperative Story
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With interest in a farm-to-table food on the rise, a small band of upstate new York famers sees an opportunity to hold on to their endangered farms by raising and selling grass-fed beef. Farming a cooperative, they soon discover that the marketplace surprisingly can't support their simple ambitions. Jackson and Teale follow their efforts for two years, through near collapse to an uncertain future, exposing in microcosm the struggles of small-scale farming in our modern, industrial world. An intimate, character-driven chronicle of the group's struggle, Grazers: A Cooperative Story illuminates timely issues regarding our food system. At stake are their farms, the small communities around them, the health of the land, and a way of life.
Starring Gordon Chaplin, Richard Larson, Cynthia Larson
Director Lisa F. Jackson, Sarah Teale