Minsan, Minahal Kita
Serendipity crosses the paths of Diane (Sharon Cuneta), a team building facilitator, and Albert (Richard Gomez), a real estate businessman, before they are completely benumbed by their respective marriages. Dianne’s husband, Louie (Edu Manzano), an airline pilot, is a domineering chauvinist who shamelessly cheats on her while Albert is getting suffocated by his wife’s (Angel Aquino) constant nagging. While going out on a dinner date on a pretext of business, they realize they have so much in common and feel they are meant for each other. Their mutual need for support leads them to seek each other often, and by degrees, what began as a harmless rendezvous eventually grows into an illicit affair. As their relationship threatens to complicate their respective families, they are pressed to choose between their family’s welfare and their only chance of lifetime happiness. But they realize only then that whatever choice they make, there will always be someone bound to be hurt.
Starring Sharon Cuneta, Richard Gomez, Angel Aquino
Director Olivia M. Lamasan