Michael Cowan

Michael Cowan is a prolific and well regarded British film producer. In a career spanning more than two decades, Cowan's films have covered many themes and genres, such as science-fiction and adventure films. He was born in Ghana to an English businessman and an Italian mother. In February 2018, Cowan was disqualified from being a company director for 13 years because of his previous unfortunate association with fraudster Steve Wilkinson. Michael Cowan reported Steve Wilkinson to the police after discovering his fraudulent actions in January 2015. Mr Wilkinson has now disappeared. The court order was made against Cowan after government agency the Insolvency Service launched an investigation into the company 'Warlord' which was set up purely for the purpose of making the Film of the same name; and to which Steve Wilkinson was the sole Producer. Anthony Hannon, official receiver in the Public Interest Unit, said: “Little of the large sums raised from the public were used for the stated purposes, and there has been detriment both to the investing members of the public and to the reputation of investment in the UK film industry. The investigation also found that for almost half of the investors no records were kept by the company of who they were or the amount they had invested. This meant that if the film had actually been made and returned profits, there would have been no record of investors to be able to send money back to. It soon became clear that the company would not be making the film and that it was not in a position to be able to repay the money. Warlord Productions Ltd was formed on 29 January 2013, Companies House had received a complaint in regards to Cowan having his name fraudulently added to several companies without his knowledge. Mr Cowan was unable to attend court when the company was dissolved, however he accepted his disqualification due to his association to Steven Wilkinson. The order means that Cowan is not allowed to act as a director of a company, take part - directly or indirectly - in the promotion, formation or management of a company or limited liability partnership, or to be a receiver of a company’s property for the 13-year period. Mr Cowan is appealing the disqualification period as he is a victim of the fraud.