Robert Greene

Robert Greene

Director Robert Greene rose quickly to become one of the most innovative documentarians of his generation. Raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, he started working in post-production in New York after completing graduate school. He began directing short films shortly thereafter, including ""Sports: A 12 Part History"" (2004) featuring President George W. Bush. He moved up to directing feature length documentaries with ""Owning the Weather"" (2009), examining man's desperate measures to reverse climate change. His next effort, ""Kati with an I"" (2010), focused on his half-sister as she prepared to graduate from high school and enter adulthood. He returned to a sports theme with ""Fake It So Real"" (2011) about independent professional wrestling. He continued working on other people's productions as well, in a variety of roles, including editing the features ""Listen Up Philip"" (2014) and ""Queen of Earth"" (2015). His next documentary, ""Actress"" (2014), earned him critical raves. The film followed actress Brandy Burre as she tried to restart her career, at the expense of her home life. His follow-up effort garnered even more attention, earning Greene multiple festival awards. ""Kate Plays Christine"" (2016) told the story of Florida newscaster Christine Chubbuck, who shot herself on live television in 1974. Instead of doing a straight documentary, however, the incident is viewed through the prism of an actress (Kate Lyn Sheil) as she prepares to play Chubbuck in the recreations for the film. Like ""Actress,"" it blurred the lines between what was real and what was creative license. Greene took that model even further in his next feature project ""Bisbee '17"" (2018). The film looked at an incident that took place in Bisbee, Arizona in 1917, where striking mine workers were shipped by rail car and left in the New Mexico desert. Greene interviewed descendants of townspeople who supported the forced deportation. He also led his subjects through a recreation of the incident, with added musical numbers, bending reality even further."