Like me!
Available on Disney+
What is life really like for a rookie podcaster? How did all the Youtube star get started ? Welcome to LIKE's daily life (our hero). Disney XD gets him out of his room! Produced as a traditional fiction, we’ll dive into his everyday life situations. Every video will be linked to a podcast. For example; when LIKE makes the TOP 5 podcast about irritating situations at the cinema, the series segment will show him with his 3 best friends on an unforgettable outing to the movie theatre! These scripted and structured segments will show us his universe, his entourage (best friends, family, teachers, potential girlfriend, school bully…) and share with us the advantages and inconveniences of being an emerging video maker and Internet star! LIKE’s voice over will energize the narration and sometimes present us through funny absurd vignettes how he feels about some situations. Due to its unique concept (the life of a podcaster / wannabe youtube phenomenon, every complete episode of LIKE ME has two independent parts linked by the same theme (for e.g. friends, school, sports…) First part PODCAST (3mn) / second part SERIES (5mn)The podcast part will be available on Disney XD Youtube corner one week before the complete series TV episode. At the end of the video, our hero will promote the whole episode on Disney XD channel.