Africa Investigates-Liberia: Living with Ebola
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On a journey to the epicentre of the Ebola epidemic, award-winning journalist Sorious Samura follows Liberia's poorly paid and ill-equipped health workers as they risk their lives to treat the infected and recover the bodies of the dead.Working alongside Liberian investigative reporter Mae Azango and producer Clive Patterson, Sorious films with a Red Cross body collection team who travel around Monrovia, Liberia's capital, picking up the dangerously contagious corpses of the deceased. Several of the workers have already paid with their lives for doing this job, but the work is vital to keep the spread of infection under control.Sorious also encountered deep anger among Liberian health workers. Infuriated by their pay and conditions they were suspicious that the government corruption was preventing the distribution of money donated by the international community.This remarkable film gives a deeply disturbing insight into what it is like to live in a society gripped by dread of contagion and mistrust of the authorities, a place where no one shakes hands anymore, where a mother will think twice before picking up a sick child to give it comfort. But it is also a world in which ordinary people are making the most extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of their community and indeed the rest of us.
主演 Sorious Samura、Mae Azango
導演 Sorious Samura、Clive Patterson