How to Save the World
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As climate change continues to threaten our future, we travel around the world to explore the ways that young entrepreneurs are coming up with creative solutions, offering a fresh and positive insight into this global issue. It's like putting more ice into your gin and tonic. If you put more ice in the level goes up", explains Professor Peter Convey. Almost 90% of Antarctica's glaciers are melting as a result of rising temperatures, causing sea levels to rise dangerously. "We're measuring the water getting higher and higher every year. To have our political leadership ignoring it is ridiculous". In the face of such danger, young entrepreneurs all over the world are creating new ways to save the planet. Giant solar factories and wind farms are becoming much more common, as both governments and individuals wake up to the crisis. As one scientist explains, "We need to get off the curse of fossil fuels, we have to stop cooking the planet."
主演 Eric Campbell
導演 Stephen Oliver