A satirical look at the effects of corporate culture, Visioneers tells the story of George Washington Winsterhammerman. An ordinary man with a comfortable life, George gives up the life he knows in an attempt to follow his dreams and find true happiness and personal freedom. As a Level 3 TUNT at the Jeffers Corp, the largest and most profitable corporation in the history of mankind, George should be content. He has a nice house, a pretty wife, and even a boat. Everything would be fine if it weren't for the explosion epidemic. People everywhere are exploding from stress. As the epidemic spreads to his coworkers, George is naturally terrified of exploding, especially after he suffers the first symptom of impending explosion: a dream. Naturally, George is terrified of exploding. Seeking the advice of his doctor, George is told to ignore his dreams at all costs, as following the impractical advice in one's dreams will only lead to explosion. George tries to maintain his daily routine, but it becomes increasingly difficult for him as the message within his dreams, telling him to break free from his drab existence, becomes more pronounced. As George's life slowly descends into chaos, his dreams intensify, and he becomes increasingly involved with a mysterious woman from work. With the threat of explosion looming, George must choose to continue living the life he knows, or to break free in the hope of achieving a more fulfilling existence.
主演 Zach Galifianakis、朱迪·格雷爾、米婭·麥斯托
導演 Jared Drake