Kirk B. R. Woller

Kirk B. R. Woller

Kirk B.R. Woller is a film and television actor whose roles tend toward the agent/detective variety, his overall appearance and cop-friendly persona making him something of a poor man's Bruce Willis. Woller worked his way through the 1990s with small to modest-sized parts in mainly obscure movies, with the exception of the Willis-starring '98 action flop, "Mercury Rising," in which he had a cameo. On TV, Woller had a string of single-episode guest spots, primarily on cop shows, until 2000, when he landed the role of Gene Crane on the Fox sci-fi hit "The X-Files," on which he appeared for five episodes and further solidified his persona within the cop niche. Woller next scored supporting parts in successive big-budget action films, first as a lawyer in the John Travolta-starring crime thriller "Swordfish," and then as a "pre-crime cop" in Steven Spielberg's futuristic epic, "Minority Report." In the mid-'00s, Woller was able to land a starring role in the indie drama "Midnight Clear," with Stephen Baldwin, before resuming with better bill-paying roles, such as Chief Officer Reynolds in the box office bomb "Poseidon" and as a scientist in the Milla Jovovich sci-fi movie "Resident Evil: Extinction," before returning once again to smaller-budgeted films later in the decade.


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