Joni Mitchell - A Woman of Heart and Mind
In this exclusive documentary, Joni Mitchell, one of the foremost singer- songwriters and poets of our time, tells her story with in-depth interviews interwoven with her words and music. Rare performance footage of her work reflects both the pain and joy of her extraordinary life as an artist. The programme also features interviews with the artists who know her personally and who have worked with her, such as David Crosby, Graham Nash, Neil Young, Judy Collins and Bob Dylan and the contemporary artists she has influenced, Janet Jackson ("The Beat of Black Wings"), Amy Grant ("Big Yellow Taxi"), Tori Amos ("A Case of You"), Prince ("A Case of You"), Sarah McLachnan ("A Case of You"), Bonnie Raitt ("Woodstock") and Bjork ("Boho Dance"). Directed by Stephanie Bennett.
Starring Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Graham Nash
Director Susan Lacy