Los Girasoles Ciegos
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Orense, 1940… Every time Elena locks the door to her house, she turns a key that envelops her secrets. Her husband Ricardo, the victim of ruthless ideological persecution, has been in hiding in his own house for years, where he lives with his son and daughter, Elenita and Lorenzo. Scarred and lost after fighting on the front, Salvador, a deacon, returns to the seminary in Orense. But such are the young deacon’s doubts about his faith that the Rector is led to delay his access to priesthood proper for another year. In the meantime, Salvador will teach at the school Lorenzo goes to. Lorenzo is Elena’s son, and Salvador thinks Elena is widowed. The young deacon becomes obsessed with Elena and begins a relentless pursuit of her. The fragility of the family is laid bare, and their already fickle reality is even more dangerously shaken. The protagonists of THE BLIND SUNFLOWERS, all wounded beings, are haplessly buffeted by circumstance. Hurled headlong into a brick wall of repression, impossible love and emotional failure, they clutch desperately at any straw that allows them to cling to any semblance of life.
Starring Maribel Verdú, Javier Cámara, Raúl Arévalo
Director José Luis Cuerda