Michael Loftus: You've Changed
Has your wife’s sexy lingerie been replaced by an entire wardrobe of sweatpants? Has your upgrade from boyfriend 4.0 to husband 1.0 resulted in a slowdown of overall performance? Ever been through the mother of all fights known as “the state of the relationship address” (an argument that no man can win)? In his comedy special debut, Michael Loftus takes you on a thrill ride that is modern marriage. One of the most popular comedians touring today, Loftus has performed on Comedy Central, NBC and CBS and has been a writer and producer on shows such as Anger Management and The George Lopez Show. Now he turns his sharp observations on what he knows best: Surviving Life with Wife. Whether you’ve been married forever or just considering it for the first time, this outrageously candid concert is a must-see for both sexes.
Starring Michael Loftus
Director Manny Rodriguez