The Disciples of Flight
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Through interviews with pilots of all kinds across the USA, The Disciples of Flight explores the commitment and passion that some people feel toward aviation despite the inherent dangers and sacrifices they must make to follow the “religion” of aviation. One pilot spends 14 years building the airplane of his dreams, only to suffer a crash landing that destroys the aircraft-- but not his determination. An aerobatic pilot flies circles around her competition in a man’s world. A pilot reveals the secret fears that nearly all pilots have of flying, and how that keeps them alive. Filled with seasoned wisdom and candid humor, The Disciples of Flight re-defines what it is to be a pilot who is truly in love with aviation. Join us as we seek to understand what it feels like to fly a small airplane, why people are so driven to aviation, and how the life long devotion some aviators feel toward flying has changed their lives forever.
Starring Patty Wagstaff, Jeff Lewis, Rod Machado
Director Bryan Stewart, Jacob Dickey