Burning Paradise
Rumours have it that the Shaolin Temple is harbouring revolutionaries. The emperor believes the rumours and decides to wipe out the temple. Fong Sai-yuk escapes with his uncle to the desert. There they run into Tou Tou. Yuk's uncle is killed by the king's general, and Tou and Yuk are captured. They are taken to the Red Lotus Temple; the temple is run by Elder Kung. Hung Hei Koon, has already joined Elder Kung and voluntarily becomes his protege. Yuk looks for every chance to escape but is stopped by Koon and Koon is just pretending to have joined Elder Kung. With Koon's help, Yuk finally defeats Elder Kung, saves all the prisoners and blows up the Temple.
Starring John Ching Tung, Willie Chi, Yamson Domingo
Director Ringo Lam