Fractured Follies
An all-star cast unites for Fractured Follies, a delightful romantic comedy starring Hong Kong superstars Chow Yun Fat and Joey Wang! Chow plays Joe, a taxi driver who finds love when he accidentally hits someone with his taxi. The victim is May (Wang), a sweet girl who walks with a limp due to one of her legs being longer than the other. Joe mistakenly thinks that the accident caused May's disability, so to make it up to her he works for her family, helping them run their grocery store. Soon, he falls in love with May, but she's slow to return his affection. She'd better make up her mind quick, though, because her flirty cousin (Nina Li) has her eyes on Joe, too!Fractured Follies is an antidote to those weaned on Chow Yun Fat's violent gangster films, and shows off a side of the actor that's usually unseen. Instead of the suave, debonair personality he's known for, Chow portrays a likable, nerdy fellow who engages in a sweet romance with Joey Wang. Co-starring legendary performer James Wong, Fractured Follies is a fun and sometimes zany valentine from Hong Kong Cinema's eighties glory days, and further proof that Chow Yun Fat is an actor who can do it all.
Starring Chow Yun-fat, Joey Wong, Nina Li Chi
Director Wong Chung