New Police Story
Wing is the Hong Kong Police's resident super cop. He's the best of the best, cracking every case he handles in record time. Joe is the leader of The Gang Of Five. He uses shoot-'em-up videogames as his inspiration to create the most elaborate and deadly traps for the police. Wing and his team are trapped, and gunned down one by one. Only Wing himself escapes... Wing's colleagues are all dead, including Rocky, the younger brother of his girlfriend Ka Yee. He hides himself from Ka Yee and though still technically on the force, sinks into an abyss of alcoholism and despair. One night, Fung finds his idol lying dead drunk in the street, pulls him out of the gutter and brings him home. Fung sees in Wing a chance to live his dram, and pretends to be a cop assigned by Wing's superiors to help him hunt down the Gang of Five. Fung enlists the help of Fa Fa, a fresh, pretty young policewoman who runs the computer crimes division. She is Chemed by Fung and helps him track down Sam. Sam has left the police force, changed his name and gone into hiding at a local nightclub. Wing and Fung question the nervous Sam, and then, following up on a further up, go to a rooftop mountain bike X-games event. When the Gang members realize they have been rumbled, San is shot dead...
Starring Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Charlie Young
Director Benny Chan Chi-Shun