Thank You, Sir
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Lee Ying, who is the chief inspector of Regional Crime Unit, is newly posted to Royal Hong Kong Police Cadet School as Deputy commandant. He confronts a bunch of problem youngsters of different social backgrounds. Starting from foot drills, police manner and lessons in disciplinary, physical and academic fields, the young cadets face a challenge that they would never dream of. Knowing that the cadets would be the potential candidates of the police after graduate, Lee puts his time, effort and enthusiasm to turn them into self-disciplinary and self-contained young men.Besides, Lee gives himself as an example of what the cadets should go for in the future, he also shows love and care to let them be secure and exhibit a deep trust between the cadets and the training officers.Finally, Lee has to leave the school joining a training course in England, all the cadets he has taught shed tears to farewell their beloved friend and teacher.
Starring Danny Lee, Joan Tong Lai-Kau, Nick Cheung
Director Ivan Lai Gai-Ming