The Greatest Lover
Chow Chin Chun (Chow Yun Fat), Tall Wai (Eric Tsang) and Silly Chick (Shing Fui On) separate when they illegally sneak into Hong Kong. Chow accidentally meets millionaire Big Mouth Sze (Wong Ching) who is just teased by Lychee (Nina Li) and Fei Fung (Pauline Wong). Sze invites Chow to pretend a passionate gentleman, fabricated by Image Profession Anita (Anita Mui), to retaliate to Lychee and Fei. During the transformation process of Chow, Anita and he gradually fall in love with each other.On the other hand, Sze has been going after, the daughter of Shipping Magnate, Fiona (Elizabeth Lee). However, Fiona is attracted by Chow and rejects Sze. Sze brings Wai and Chick to expose Chow's fraud in the public. Chow admits it, turns Fiona down and goes to find Anita.
Starring Chow Yun-fat, 李美凤, Nina Li
Director Clarence Ford