The Third Eye
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The sophisticated information and science technology makes the world become more and more comfortable and convenient, but simultaneously it invades the secret inside world of human, so much as activates the hidden lust of human basic instinct --- peeping. However, who would think peeping is not merely a despicable crime, possibly it provokes an unexpected calamity!Zhang Liang is a young man who does not engage into any proper work. His secret hobby is to play with all kinds of high-tech candid technology, especially the candid photographs. He likes to upload the photographs on the Internet to share his homepage with others. Within his beloved masterpiece, he specially falls madly in love on a young air-stewardess. One day, Zhang Liang follows the young lady Amy from the airport to Tai O. In order to catch more splendid segments, Liang brings his full equipment all the way to stay in a vacation house — Mei King Village and becomes a neighbour of Amy.In this beautiful scene there is a nice and kind landlord whose named He Jiaqi. Besides the landlord and the air-stewardess Amy, there are other tenants such as a weak patient Mr. Wang, and his daughter Ah Hua, a mystic man named Lik, a columnist Mr. Kim, as well as a love affair couple Mr. Cheng Jiaxiang and Susan who only stay there once during the weekend. Liang then secretly installs the pinhole video cameras in the stewardess's room as well as other tenants', heartily satisfies his desire of peeping.Through the pinhole of the video cameras, Liang peeps all the people's secrets. As an observer, Liang continuously finds very interesting because he can see more than the others. Until he discovers Ah Hua kills her father and also subsequently witnesses Susan abusively killed by Ah Hua, he then realizes himself being under a serious and dangerous situation.On the verge of death, Liang hurriedly runs away from there. He thinks that peeping can make him have an insight of everything and also save his life, but who knows the pictures he sees through the monitor are only illusion. Liang does not notice he will become the lead instead of a bystander.In fact, the Landlord He Jiaqi installs the pinhole video cameras in every single corner of the house as early as Liang does. All the tenants are under her surveillance all the time, especially Liang's peeping hobby. When having all the people's weakness and secrets on hand, the mental aberration He Jiaqi commences her special designed plan of murder. She attempts to impute all the crimes to Au Hua and makes use of Liang his fondness of peeping as a witness to shift all her guilty to Ah Hua.While everything is regarded as flawless as what Jiaqi's thought, she surprisingly realises herself to become one of them. There is actually someone who is keeping an eye on her stealthily and conspiring to eradicate this devil of murder.
Starring Race Wong, You-Nam Wong, Derek Tsang
Director Carol Lai Mui-Suet