Active Measures
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Active Measures tells the story of the interconnected rise of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, while exposing the largest and most effectively executed espionage operation in history. An ambitious KGB colonel, Vladimir Putin, rises from anonymity to become the president of Russia. By taking control of the media, cracking down on dissidents, and using the Russian Mob as a branch of the government, he manages to turn Russia into his personal Mafia state. Having made a name for himself as a real estate mogul in New York, Trump decides to go all in on Atlantic City. When his casinos fail, he finds himself bankrupt and holding billions of dollars in personal debt. Desperate, he turns to Russia for financing. Putin, after consolidating presidential power in Russia, attempts to subdue Russia’s neighbouring states. Using cyber-attacks, rigged elections, and outright invasion, he threatens European stability. When America sanctions him, he turns his election meddling onto his biggest opponent, the United States, using his secret ally, Donald Trump. Relying on exclusive testimony from 29 global experts, including Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain, John Podesta, and Jeremy Bash, Active Measures is a must-see thriller, essential for understanding the full context behind today’s headlines.
Starring Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain, James Woolsey
Director Jack Bryan