All is Vanity
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Premiering to critical acclaim at London Film Festival, Marcos Mereles' tongue-in-cheek, genre-defying first feature explores the egos and idiosyncrasies of a fashion shoot derailed by an unexplained disappearance. An eccentric photographer (Sid Phoenix), his eager assistant (Yaseen Aroussi) and a jaded make-up artist (Rosie Steel) are waiting for a model (Isabelle Bonfrer) to arrive. They've never used this London warehouse location before, but it's not like anything out of the ordinary. Yet when one of their number disappears overnight, events take a turn for the surreal. With stylish cinematography and strong performances from a cast of rising stars, All is Vanity marks out writer-director Marcos Mereles as one to watch.
Starring Sid Phoenix, James Aroussi, Isabelle Bonfrer
Director Marcos Mereles