Awaken the Shadowman
Estranged from his family, Adam is forced to bring his wife and baby home after the disappearance of his mother. He is faced with the tense relationship he has with his brother, Jake, as they try to piece together their mother’s affairs, with the help of 'Gateways', a bereavement group. Once reunited, the happiness that Jake and his wife Christy have, becomes overwhelming to Adam and Beth, newlyweds who have struggled financially and romantically. A dark presence begins to stalk Beth as she struggles with the role of motherhood, supporting Adam in his perilous situation, and her envy of Jake and Christy’s happiness. With the pressure of their mother’s disappearance mounting, Adam's discoveries about his hometown increase his paranoia. Old friends show up with foreboding warnings. What once was home is now filled with haunting premonitions. He becomes terrified of the influence that 'Gateways' might have had on his family, and their potential involvement in his mother's disappearance.
Starring James Zimbardi, Skyler Caleb, Emily Somers
Director J.S. Wilson