Birth of the Living Dead
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In 1968 a young college drop-out named George A. Romero gathered an unlikely team - from Pittsburgh policeman, iron workers, housewives and a roller rink owner - to create a low budget horror film that would revolutionise the industry, and spawn a new flesh eating monster that endures to this day, that film was Night of the Living Dead. Birth of the Living Dead, is the story of how they managed to pull off the greatest guerrilla shoot of all time. This documentary includes exclusive new interviews with the godfather of zombie films George A. Romero himself, as well as brand new animations created by Gary Pullin. Put together with 60s archive footage, this film shows just how politically charged Night was, set against the backdrop of race riots and Vietnam, the film challenged the establishment and had enormous fun doing it. With a range of candid interviews and fascinating insight Birth of the Living Dead is an absolute must have for any horror fan, enter the original Zombie Universe, but remember ‘they are coming to get you Barbara’.
Starring Gale Anne Hurd, George A. Romero, Mark Harris
Director Rob Kuhns