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People get sick on’s all part of the great adventure...but how sick are you willing to get? When young Casey (Elma Begovic) returns home from her Bachelorette party in Costa Rica with a seemingly innocuous insect bite, nothing prepares her for the sheer terror ahead. Subject to the stress of an over-bearing mother-in-law and myriad plans for her impending wedding Casey finds herself overwhelmed at the thought of her future. But soon the horrifying effects of the bite begin to take up all of her time, consuming her inside-out, sharpening her instincts and transforming her into a deadly insect with an unquenchable thirst. A creepy body-horror gore-fest in the sensational tradition of Cronenberg’s The Fly and James Gunn’s Slither, BITE is sure to get under your skin and truly make it crawl.
Starring Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniak, Denise Yuen
Director Chad Archibald