Buttercup Bill
A twisted romance in America’s deep south, Buttercup Bill follows mutually obsessed friends struggling to find something like love beneath the wreckage of a broken past. After the suicide of a childhood playmate, Pernilla (Rémy Bennett) loiters in the seedy underbelly of New York’s nightlife until she calls on estranged Patrick (Evan Louison) and arrives on the doorstep of his isolated Louisiana cabin. Shut in there together, surrounded by the peeling walls of Southern religion and the bottle, they re-light what they once had. What is at first innocent and playful gives way to cruel games of sexual jealousy as the pair attempt to reconcile a terrible secret that haunts them both. With a breakthrough performance from lead and co-director Rémy Bennett, Buttercup Bill is a stylish, provocative and unflinching portrayal of infatuation rusted with guilt.
Starring Remy Bennett, Evan Louison, Pauly Lingerfelt
Director Remy Bennett, Émilie Richard-Froozan