Dangan Runner
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Japanese director Sabu, director of such films as 'Happiness', 'Mr Long' and 'Miss Zombie' made his start with 'Dangan Runner' (aka 'Non-Stop'), the story of three losers brought together by fate with disastrous results. A would-be bank robber (Tomorowo Taguchi from 'Tetsuo') forgets his mask on his first big heist, and then botches an attempt to shoplift a replacement mask from a nearby convenience store. The store's clerk (Diamond Yukai from 'Lost in Translation'), a washed-up rock star, chases the thief and literally runs into a Yakuza (Shinichi Tsutsumi from 'Our Little Sister') to whom he owes money. Thus begins an all-night, three-way pursuit through the streets of Tokyo.
Starring Tomorô Taguchi, Daimond Yukai, Shinichi Tsutsumi
Director Hiroyuki Tanaka