Dear Wendy
Young loner, Dick, lives like an outcast in the poor US mining town of Estherslope. Looking to inject some excitement and meaning into his life, he happens to find a small handgun in an antiques shop. He then convinces a group of similar outcasts to join him in a secret club he names “The Dandies”. A club based on the conflict that exists between owning guns and actually using them, their ultimate belief is the most important dandy rule of all: ‘Never draw your weapon’. But when a new, volatile member begins to cause tensions within the close-knit group, they find themselves drawn into a startling and dramatic situation involving the local law enforcement. As any last hope to resolve the situation fades, they realise the terrible inevitability that rules are made to be broken. Starring Jamie Bell and Bill Pullman, Thomas Vinterberg’s brave, bold direction and Lars Von Trier’s taut, tense script make Dear Wendy a stark warning about the destructive powers of violence and obsession.
Starring Jamie Bell, Bill Pullman, Michael Angarano
Director Thomas Vinterberg